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RCHB Committee

City and Village Groups

The nine city and village groups are a very important source of fundraising for the League. Each year the large numbers of volunteers in the various groups run a wide range of activities to generate funds including coffee mornings, bingo sessions, bring and buy events, selling Christmas cards, etc. In 2015, all of these events combined to generate funds for the League of £29,371.

Our shops

Hospital Shops

The four hospital shops together with a daily shop trolley ward round generated an income for the League of £653,360 in 2015, equivalent to 93% of the total in that year. Of course, we have to take into account the cost of buying the supplies sold by the shops, the salaries of the paid staff who work in the shops and various other costs but even when this is done, the shops contributed more than £100,000 to the League’s funds available for spending on equipment and other gifts for the Kent & Canterbury Hospital.
Jill and Tricia

Summer Fair and Grand Draw

The League of Friends' annual fair is held in conjunction with hospital staff from many wards and departments together with much-valued support from local charities every August in the hospital grounds. It comprises a large number of stalls, competitions, displays and activities for children and attracts a large number of visitors each year. The Grand Draw, tickets for which are sold in the preceding three months throughout the hospital and by our volunteers in many local supermarkets, garden centres and other shops, also takes place during the Summer Fair.

Together, the proceeds from the Summer Fair and Grand Draw consistently add at least a further £10,000 to the funds that the League of Friends can make available as gifts to the K&C Hospital.

Donations and Legacies

The generosity of patients, their relatives and friends and the general public means that donations and legacies are another important source of income for the League of Friends. However, there can be quite large year-on-year variations in this type of income, especially legacies. Thus the League received just £4,000 in legacy income in 2015 which was less than 3 percent of the amount (£150,000) obtained in the previous year.

Making a donation to the League is very simple and if you would like to do so, please click here. Alternatively, if you would like to learn more about how you could leave a legacy gift to the League in your will, please click here.