How we are Organised

City and Village Groups  

Eight local fundraising groups, set up in 1953 to encourage wide participation of the local community, are a key part of the League's success, organising a huge variety of events such as coffee mornings, jumble sales, quiz nights, fashion shows, etc.

These local groups are to be found in: Ash; Barham & Kingston; Nailbourne (Bridge & Patrixbourne); Canterbury North; Canterbury South; Chartham; St Stephen's & St Dunstan's and Sturry

Each local group has its own Committee, with a Chairman and other officers, and manages its own accounts. Members of the groups form the backbone of the organisation - in addition to running their own local fundraising activities, they also make up many of the volunteers required to run the League's hospital Shops.

Trustees’ Committee

The trustees are responsible for the management and administration of the League and the Committee comprises the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer and other trustees each responsible for leading specific activities undertaken by the League. The trustees meet six times a year and are supported by the Charity Manager.

The Central Committee meeting

A key role of the Central Committee is to decide how the hospital gift requests should be funded. Applications from various hospital wards or departments are presented by relevant staff to the Central Committee meeting, five times a year, and individual local groups can pledge full or partial funding for specific gifts. All nominated members are entitled to vote at this meeting.